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Taco with Lettuce Tomato and Cheddar Cheese Purse

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You can have taco's even if it isn't Tuesday!  

This awesome piece of wearable art is 100% one-of-a-kind, and handmade. The body of this taco purse is crafted out of hard and soft foams, then hand painted with acrylic and glued all together.  The liner is made from custom designed Jeanjai fabric and the removable strap is made from a nice heavy gold plated iron chain.

This taco is light weight and durable.  It’s big enough to hold a large smart phone, and a handful of extra necessities, but don't over fill.  This purse can definitely take a beating but remember it is completely handmade and is a piece of art, so treat it with love.  

Guaranteed to grab attention, so don’t be surprised when you get stopped constantly. 

  • Made from EVA foam, foam clay, super glue, acrylic paints
  • Removable strap 28.7" long, gold plated iron
  • Green metallic closure
  • Size of taco H8" x W3" x L13.25"
  • Comes in a Jeanjai satin sac to keep it safe when not in use

*This item ships directly from Jeanjai, and is processed in 1-3 days*